BLOOMZ is one of New Zealand's leading floricultural companies, focussing on the breeding, production and export of Zantedeschia (Calla Lilies), Sandersonia, Cordyline, Phormium (New Zealand Flax), Leptospermum (Manuka), Cymbidium Orchids and other exotic plant stock. Specialists in tissue culture of a wide range of ornamentals.




Zantedeschia (summer flowering coloured Calla lilies) have taken the world by storm. This classical shaped flower is captivating the flower world with its unique form and stunning range of colours.

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BLOOMZ can help you with the finest quality Sandersonia tuber stock and backup your purchase with technical information derived from years of experience in the growing and handling of this superb flower.

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The architectural form and stunning range of colours make Cordyline a popular landscaping feature and container specimen.Click here to take a look at the extensive range of these crops.

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Tissue Culture Exotics

A versatile range of ornamental plants supplied as Tissue Culture direct from our specialist laboratories. Significant mulitplication capacity ensure a reliable source of large scale supply.

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