BLOOMZ is focused on the import and development of plant material of major horticultural food crops into New Zealand via Government accredited quarantine facilities (Malus, Prunus, Vitis, Fragaria, Rubus, Vaccinium, Citrus) and has become the leading New Zealand import facilitator for these and other emerging crops

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The Science of Breeding Colour

At BLOOMZ it's about being world class in everything we do, from excellence in customer service and technical support, to delivering customized support in breeding and selection. Our team has the experience and know-how to deliver on time, every time.

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More Colours

The range of commercial tissue culture and seed products available from BLOOMZ includes Leptospermum (manuka for honey and oil), Cordyline, Phormium (New Zealand Flax), and a range of specialist ornamentals plants for pots or landscape use

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All the Colours of Life®

Based on our award winning Zantedeschia breeding programme and experience gained with registration of proprietary varieties worldwide we at BLOOMZ offer an exclusive service for the registration, DUS testing and administration of plant material

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A World of Colour

BLOOMZ has close linkages with top horticultural companies in key locations around the word to help service your needs on a face to face basis. Call us at BLOOMZ to get help in import of plant genetics and cross border plant transfer

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Bloomz - All the colours of life