BLOOMZ is a leading Floricultural company, specializing in the breeding, production and marketing of Zantedeschia (coloured Calla lilies)Sandersonia and other exotic species:  Cordyline, Phormium,  Agapanthus, Leptospermum and various other exotics.

BLOOMZ is fully accredited by the New Zealand Government Ministry for Primary Industries. We produce high health Tissue Culture, bulbs and tubers and have established relationships with wholesale customers and commercial growers around the world

More recently BLOOMZ is becoming actively involved with breeders and producers of other plantstock to export and support development of such material in a number of our destination countries. This includes cymbidium orchids and a range of fruit  trees - apple rootstock, citrus trees and other fruiting species.

Zantedeschia (Calla Lily)

BLOOMZ Zantedeschia plant material is initiated in New Zealand and multiplied by Tissue Culture in Indian laboratories with over 20 years experience producing Calla TC plants exclusively for BLOOMZ. This production base is supported by the comprehensive BLOOMZ breeding, selection, and evaluation program of its cultivars. A multistage virus testing regime of calla motherstock for known virus, accompanied by a well developed and nationally registered quality assurance protocol ensuresd our customers are purchasing Calla plantstock of the highest quality.


BLOOMZ has developed a highly efficient export operation for Sandersonia tubers which are noted for their quality and reliability. Tubers are available throughout the year from small growing-on stock to premium flowering grade tubers.

Tissue Culture (TC)

Tissue culture plants of a range of species are multiplied and exported to many locations world-wide for growing on into mature plantstock.



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