Zantedeschia (Calla Lily) cut flowers have moved out of the top 15 for volume of cut flowers on the FloraHolland clock for week 41 and 42 as domestic supply has almost finished.

Cumulatively at the end of week 40 Zantedeschia flowers were at number 15 for value of flowers traded with a total of just over 48 million stems traded so far this year with an a verage price per stem of E0,36, which is slightly lower than the 2011 price for the same period.

Zantedeschia pots plants however currently rose to number 8 position for cumulative volume of house plants traded at the peak season in June/July.

The cumulative average price up to week 27 was around 15% higher than in 2011.

 7 million Zantedeschia pot plants were traded in 2011, which a steady increase in volume from previous years.

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