What tuber grades are available?

Weight Tubers / carton
Seed Strike           10kg
1-3gm 12kg
3-5gm 2,000
5-7gm 1,500
7-10gm 1,000
10-15gm 800
15gm+ 500


What tuber grades are used for cut flower production?

Most cut flower growers prefer a minimum of 5-7g tubers for commercial cut flower production, however some have achieved good success with 3-5g planting stock. The heavier the tuber, the more bells and taller, stronger stems.

Tubers heavier than 5g are often 'split' prior to planting, as the second growing point can often be much later and weaker than the first dominant point.

Cut tubers should treated with a fungicide immediately after cutting and planted straight away.

Typical fungicides include - Topsin (thiophanate-methyl), Risolex (tolclophos-methyl).


What planting density for flowering tubers?

Our growers generally cut all tubers above 5gm in half, as shown in the previous question.

We have found the following planting density works well:

Weight   Cut       Soil*     Lily Crates*


no 150 36-40


yes 100 20-24


yes 90 18-20


yes 80 16


* Number of cut pieces.

For winter planting, larger sizes can be planted at the 5-7g density.

Row spacing normally 6-8 rows per 1 metre width, 10-12cm apart and 6-8cm between each tuber.

At what stage do you harvest Sandersonia flowers?

Wait until at least the first two or three bells are fully orange, with good bud development further up the stem. If the flower is left to fully mature before cutting, the vase life will be considerably shorter.


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