Tissue Culture

Tissue culture 

BLOOMZ can supply tissue culture of the following indoor plants direct from our lab to your to nursery or young plant hardening facility.

Note that these tissue culture plants are available in commercial quantities only, and we do not supply finished plants.





Calathea Fasciata
Large round green leaves with wide dark stripes, purple underside
  Helen Short stemmed rounded leaves marked with very dark and light green
  Medallion Large round green leaves with wide dark stripes, purple underside
  Ornata Glossy dark green leaves with pink lines, underside black and burgundy 
  Variegata Upright tri-variegated leaves with burgundy reverse on tall red stems
Syngonium Bronze Reddish to bronze colour foliage  
  Gold Allusion Compact, slow to vine. Brilliant yellow leaves with prominent pink-red veins
  Maya Red Compact, semi-climbing. Pale green leaves tinted pink-red, when young
  Pixie Compact, non-vining. Very small green leaves with expanding white veins
  White Butterfly   Green leaves with white veins, at maturity become white with green border
Alocasia Black Velvet Compact plant with velvety dark green leaves
  Polly Compact, deep green leaves with cream colored veining
Spathiphyllum  Viscount Fast growing, narrow glossy leaves, intermediate height


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