Zantedeschia (Calla Lily) in New ZealandRemving the spadix

Zantedeschia first came to New Zealand in the early 1900's, largely as seed of both main groups and was commonly sold by a number of seed merchants as early as 1904. This seed included the five original summer flowering varieties and it was from these that the first hybridisation commenced. As well as early work completed by Luther Burbank in California, several New Zealand hybridisers entered the scene. In the early 1930's, our most well known calla breeders emerged as the driving forces behind the range of coloured Callas we now have today. They included:

  • Tony and his son Trevor Brljevich
  • Richmond Harrison
  • Jim Mathews
  • David Mudge

Three main groups of the coloured hybrids emerged and although they had much in common, these have formed the basis for the range of colour offered by BLOOMZ today. BLOOMZ continued this hybridisation work, with a team  led by Jaap Spaans, who's most well known successes to date, Hot Chocolate® and Hot Cherry®,have acheived success on world cut flower markets and has won numerous awards.

BLOOMZ has recently sold and transfered all its Zantedeschia interests to Dummen Orange of the Netherlands. Dummen can be contacted:


Hanh Nguyen  - Head of Innovation Development & Acquisition

A:   Oudecampsweg 35c,  2678NN,  De Lier, The Netherlands
M: +31 612 187 130



Rob Geerlings – Sales Calla

A:  Leidsevaart 122,  2211 VS Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

M: +31 655 398 750




Images from 2010/11 breeding

All these selections have been initiated into tissue culture for commercial trials.

2108 2160 2159
2027 2028 902

Images from 2011/12 breeding

Some of our initial selections for further testing and possible initiation.
2258 2212 2274


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