This will depend on whether you are planting outside in the field or in a greenhouse. Normally work on about 70% usage within the greenhouse area (after taking walking space etc) into account. Plant out in metre wide rows and actual density will depend on tuber size. We would normally plant 50-60 2cm T1 tubers per metre. These will produce larger tubers in the second cycle so density will reduce to say 20-25 x 4-5cm diameter tubers.

Tuber spacing per m2 depends on growing conditions, availability of space and grower preference:

Hot Chocolate

1.5cm (< 6)                      80 - 100      

2cm  (6-8)                        50 - 60            

3cm  (10-12)                     30 - 40                

4cm (14-16)                      20 - 30            

6+cm (18+)                      12 - 15  

Some varieties are best planted  at lower densities eg. Hot Chocolate® (see photo) is best planted at 9-12 per m2 to acheive maximum light penetration into ther crop and higher flower production

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