Pregermination promotes even crop emergence, better Gibberellic Acid  (GA) absorption, and shortens the growing cycle. This process is vital if tubers have a short dormancy (10-12 weeks after lift), and when growing in cooler conditions. 

Prior to planting and application of GA, remove tubers from storage and pregerminate at 22-25°C and 85% RH for 7-10 days to trigger emergence of growing shoots.

Stable temperature and humidity throughout this process are critical. Ensure some airflow (use a fan) in the pregermination room.  24 hour lighting appears to help the process.

Smaller 1.5 and 2cm ( T1)  tubers have much less ability to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuation - these are normally NOT pregerminated.

Once the growing shoots have emerged a minimum of 5-10mm, apply GA prior to planting.


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