Callas require at least 10-12 weeks tuber dormancy after lifting. Longer term coolstorage is preferable enabling faster germination, consistent shoot emergence & better flower production.

Maintenance of uniform temperature(8-10°C) and good air circulation is the key to good storage. Optimum Relative Humidity (RH): 70-75%. 

Penicillium (blue mould), aspergillus and other moulds can occur during storage, especially when humidity rises above 80%. Moulds are caused by a buildup of spores in closed damp conditions and are more prevalent on damaged or cut tubers. Conversely RH below 65% may result in severe dehydration and tuber death ( calcification)

Good air circulation, controlled humidity and even temperature are essential.  Addition of extra fans in the coolstore assists air movement.

If moulds occur, either fog the coolstore or remove and spray with with FungiflorTM or Kocide® and dry, preferably in open sunny conditions before replacing in the coolstore. Check coolstore RH is not above 75% to ensure further moulds do not occur.

Length of Storage

Tubers can be stored from 3-12 months. Uniform temperature of 8-10°C and RH of 75% must be maintained throughout the storage period. Good airflow and fresh air replacement from time to time will assist better storage conditions

Longer stored tubers may have some reduction in flower production.

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