Seed:  'USA type' seed cultivars including the likes of Crystal Blush and Garnet Glow are cultivars are from specific rehmanii  lineage which have defined characteristics - ie free flowering, generally compact plants, spear shaped leaves with no maculation.

They are ideal for pot plants, but due to shorter flower stems, smaller flower heads and considerably less vase life not always a premium choice for cut flowers.

Many of these varieties are quite true to type from seed; partly due to a lengthy selection process (many years of selecting homogenous plants from a seed line) and also the genetic background; however such seed is not widely available as propagators will retain it for their own production.

TC:  Cultivars from the New Zealand (and Dutch) hybridisation programmes come from a much wider gene pool and are all multiplied by TC as not true to type from seed. There can be a huge variance in flower colour and plant habit in the seed collected from even one seed pod of this clonal material.

NZ hybrids tend to have taller stems, larger flower heads, bolder colours and maculated arrow shaped leaves. Initially most cultivars were used for cut flower production, however breeding advances over the past 5 years or so has resulted in natural dwarves (no PGR required), which still have the other characteristics in terms of colour, increased vase/pot life, spotted leaves etc.

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