Which Gibberellin?

Use GA3 tablets (eg. Berelex®, Grocel®, DomgibTM) at a rate of 1 tablet per 8-10 litres (100-125 ppm) of water.

Some growers use liquid Promalin® (GA4, GA7 & 6-Benzyl-adenine) as a dip (3ml/litre 50ppm) for 10-15 minutes or as a spray to the growing points. ie. top side of the tuber (5ml/litre 100ppm). As for GA3, this can be acheived with a hand held pressure sprayer or for large numbers of tubers,a custom made shower cabinet

To enhance flowering many growers apply GA twice. Apply the first treatment post pre germination when soots are emerging. Let the tubers dry off and then re-apply a few days later when shoots are more advanced. Dry off and plant

Fungicides & Insecticide can be added to the GA

Many growers add a broad spectrum protectant fungicide or disinfectant eg. Previcur®N or Sporekill® (Didecyldimethyl Ammonium Chloride) to the GA solution.

In the USA a pre-plant treatment of Champ® or Kocide® (copper hydroxide), Heritage (Azoxystrobin) and Subdue® or Ridomil® (metalaxyl-M) is commonly used.

Other combinations such as Collis® (Boscalid & Kresoxim-methyl), Topsin® (Thiophanate Methyl) and Risolex® have been used successfully.

Addition of an insecticide such as Confidor or Admire (Imadocloprid) will help prevent attack from soil borne insects.

A sticker/spreader/surfactant can be added to the solution to aid absorption. Refresh the dipping solution daily or as required, especially if tubers are dirty.

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